writing about being an expert even if you’re not there yet

I recently pitched an article to a publication about “how to overcome creative burnout”. I positioned the article as a listicle with 4 clear concise ways outlining how everyone feels burnt out and what to do about it.

Shortly after that pitch, I quickly found myself burnt out. While navigating studies full time, having recently launched my freelance writing career on the side for passion + financial flexibility, I wonder what the next chapter of my life holds. There’s sometimes a hesitation to full on pursue what I truly want but also a major underlying belly that screams — “What do I truly want?”

Maybe the answers don’t have to be so hard. Most of this stuff is in my head but also it is real and plays a part in my every day reality.

I want to move from questioning to feeling confident.

Low moments to high moments.

Re-discovering my joy while living in a beautiful city.

Not being so mind-obsessed.

I guess I figure I can write myself out of creative burn out because its simultaneously aspirational and attainable.

I think I’ll be okay.

If not, I’ll write myself out of it sooner or later





Student of life, creative storyteller and multidisciplinary based in Paris.

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Sarah Micho

Sarah Micho

Student of life, creative storyteller and multidisciplinary based in Paris.

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